Information on voting for EU citizens

Information on voting for EU citizens
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How you can vote in the municipal assembly elections

…you have to fulfill these criteria:

  • Be a citizen of the European Union.
  • Be at least 18 years old on the second day of the elections.
  • Have a place of residence in the Czech Republic on the election day at the latest (a permanent residence permit or certificate of temporary residence).
  • Have a place of residence in the municipality in which you'd like to vote (e.g. Prague 3).

…do you meet all the criteria? Take these steps!

Apply for registration at the municipal office in your place of residence to be added to the list of eligible voters:

In person

By mail or electronically

  • Fill out this application (DOCX or PDF).
  • State at least your name, surname and date of birth, for further identification the address of your place of residence in the Czech Republic. Other data can be verified by the municipal authority in the register of foreigners.
  • Send it by mail or electronically using data box to your municipality.

…and don´t miss the deadline!

You can apply at any time but at the latest 2 days before election day (i.e. on Wednesday before the election up to 16.00).

More details can be found here:

Our leading candidates

  1. Nikol Marhounová1 | Nikol Marhounová
    social worker, psychotherapist, chairwoman of the Committee for Social Policy

  2. Jan Bartko2 | Jan Bartko
    historian, councilor for the environment, chairman of the Finance Committee, member of the local chapter

  3. František Doseděl3 | František Doseděl
    lawyer, councilor for sport, vice-chairman of the local chapter

  4. Pavel Musil4 | Pavel Musil
    lawyer, councilor for transparency, member of the Control Committee

  5. Apolena Ondráčková5 | Apolena Ondráčková
    lawyer, compliance officer, vice-president of the local chapter

  6. Jiří Svrček6 | Jiří Svrček
    ecologist: dendrologist, assemblyman, chairman of the EnvironmentalCommittee

  7. Margita Brychtová7 | Margita Brychtová
    deputy mayor for Education and International Relations, vice-chairwoman ofthe Housing Committee

What did the Prague 3 Pirates accomplish between the years 2018–2022?

  1. Prague 3 as one of the Most Transparent Municipalities in Czechia
    Prague 3 received the highest marks among all Czech town halls from the NGO Hlídač státu (State´s Watchdog) in the evaluation of the so-called K-index, measuring the degree of corruption risk. Prague 3 is rated as the best not only from all city districts in Prague but from all monitored town halls in the Czech Republic. To ensure a transparent and efficient public procurement, a new directive was adopted, governing small-scale public procurement, the most common form of public procurement. For more information you can look at any individual invoice in our click-through budget.

  2. Wider Selection of Schools and Improved Quality of Foreign Language Education
    We opened the first Montessori class at the kindergarten in Buková Street. It was decided to expand English lectures with qualified native speakers and lecturers for both pupils and teachers of primary schools that are administered by Prague 3. Great efforts are being made to integrate the children of war refugees from Ukraine into kindergartens and schools.

  3. Saving of the Soccer Stadium Viktoria Žižkov
    The Viktoria Žižkov stadium remained in the hands of the city district. We managed to save  professional football by entering into a long-term lease contract with the football club. This will provide the club with a legal security for decades to come. To fulfill the conditions to obtain a license to play professional football is now solely in the hands of the club.

  4. The Planting of 310 Trees in 4 Years
    We have planted 310 trees in 4 years in both parks and streets, restored several squares and playgrounds, and issued a gentle lawn-mowing policy to protect the grass against drought. We increased biodiversity by expanding our flowerbeds and by establishing a new, nature-friendly Kapslovna Park.
  5. Digital and Transparent Grants
    Applications for grants are now digital and user-friendly. Furthermore, all grants are now allocated based on clear and transparent rules.

Why vote for us in 2022?

  1. Even More Trees in the Streets
    In the last election period, we prepared a study indicating where new trees may be planted. We will plant at least 100 new trees in the streets (on Biskupcová, Krásova or Husinecká St.) and we will not be afraid to limit parking to do it. However, we will commence a discussion with the locals about the extent of any such changes. In addition, in cooperation with TSK (Technical Administration of Communications), we will finally restore the tree line in Žerotínova St. and we will continue to plant trees in already existing tree lines.

  2. Transparency – All Properties in One Place
    The city district owns a large number of non-residential real estate – from garages and businesses to cellars, offices and studios. Finding out which one is currently available for rental, in what condition it is in and the cost still isn’t easy. We will publish a regularly updated catalog of all non-residential properties, along with the conditions under which they can be rented. For an NGO benefiting the public it will be possible to apply for a discount and to obtain a reasonable length of lease. Furthermore, the process will be predictable and transparent in cases where the lease price is the most important criteria.

  3. Flats Must be Repaired and Occupied ASAP
    In the past four years the management of available flats has improved, but the housing situation is still unsatisfactory. We shall speed up repairs even more, set up clear processes and at the same time improve the definition of the apartment´s standard. We don't need golden taps but it must be a pleasure to live in our apartments. It is also important to determine the ratio of commercially to socially rented apartments. We will end political haggling and come up with a clear strategy of what the ratio should be in the future.

  4. The Nákladové Nádraží Žižkov (Žižkov Freight Terminal) Must Servethe People
    As a coalition, we have spent hundreds of hours negotiating with both the developers and the city hall. Although the current situation represents a compromise, we have achieved a great improvement compared to previous plans. In the next term, it will be necessary to ensure that the points agreed with developers are fulfilled and, where possible, the district needs to negotiate stronger. We must have the courage, perseverance, and drive to push for: adequate city apartments, a sufficient number of schools, and greenery accessible to the public (but also safe for the protected species living here).

  5. The Havlíčkovo Sq. Needs its School
    The former town councilors made a fundamental mistake by wanting to turn the building of the former school in Havlíčkovo Square into just another office building. Instead, we’re working on hearing the kids’ laughter there again. It is not easy to ensure that the building meets the standards of  21st century education. Our priorities are: plenty of space for extracurricular activities, energy and environmental efficiency of the building, and quality education.

  6. A Friendly City - Accessibility and Safe Crosswalks
    When renovating public spaces we will not only monitor compliance with the standards, but will ensure that every space is friendly to all its residents. We shall facilitate that by introducing new barrier-free crosswalks and creating new crosswalks where they are now missing. We will ensure safe crosswalks in front of all school buildings in Prague 3.

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